With Click&Print, printing is greener, easier and cost effective. The "One Click" printing system manages document production effortlessly. Click&Print gives you total control over how and where your documents print.


You can easily automate:

  • input tray selection
  • output bin selection
  • copies
  • overlays, watermarks and logos
  • pre-prints
  • duplex or simplex
  • toner saving
  • separator pages
  • cover pages
  • distributed printing


  • Your document is always printed on paper from the correct input trays
  • Your documents and copies can be sent to different output bins
  • You can add overlays, logos and watermarks as you print
  • You can print copies with your original
  • You can use the toner saving setting for copies, drafts and internal documents
  • You can duplex documents easily
  • No embedded commands necessary