Bespoke Software
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We will:-

Auto Print Technology will work with you to develop the most efficient, simple-to-use printing system tailored to your specific requirements.


Phase 1: Specification and design proposal
Before a solution can be proposed, it will be necessary to carry out a detailed analysis of your current printing system to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the existing methodology. This phase involves discussion with your IT staff and users to identify on-going problems while IT managers will decide the extent of the required modifications. Specification of templates, menus and dialog boxes will result from this collaborative period so that prototype software can be developed for initial testing.
A sales proposal will be produced outlining the solution, giving costings for the project and an estimate of development times.

Phase 2: Design

This phase includes the design and programming of your printing solution. During this stage, sample templates, menus and dialog boxes will be produced and demonstrated so that the prototype can be modified as required before the test phase begins.
Following discussion, a final prototype will be produced for testing in a real-time environment. It is suggested that limited trials should be initiated so that the design and functionality can be finalised before general deployment. Interim documentation is produced at this point.

Phase 3: Deployment

This involves full installation, training as necessary and supply of documentation.
This phase also include a three month support period which is included in the cost of the project. Annual support packages are available.